Balcan Emergency Life Line – B.E.L.L.

The supreme water rescue emergency throwing line of 40 metres which outperforms all others.

Balcan Emergency Life Line BELL

What is the Balcan B.E.L.L?

Balcan Emergency Life Line (BELL)

The Balcan Emergency Life Line (B.E.L.L.) comprises of a bright orange, or yellow, plastic capsule, containing a specially wound cop of buoyant, high quality braided polypropylene line of either 25m or 40m.  This emergency line is one continuous length with no joins and is also made to tight engineering tolerances making it exceptionally strong for its size!  When the BELL life line lands on water both the line and capsule float and can be clearly seen.

One end of the emergency line is connected to prevent it from being pulled out of the capsule; whilst the other passes through the handle and forms into a loop with a grip and is attached to a blue cap to seal the stock.

IMPORTANT – the line we manufacture is one continuous length with no joins. It has come to our attention other lifesaving devices are compromised due to cords being joined. Doing so significantly reduces its breaking strain in some cases to just a few Kilos.

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How is the B.E.L.L. used?

B.E.L.L. Applications

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About the Balcan B.E.L.L.

B.E.L.L. – Balcan Emergency Life Line was introduced in 1973.  It was the first water rescue line, specifically designed to allow all ages to throw it, with great accuracy up to its full length of 40 metres, without preparation, very much further than had previously been possible.

As a result the Balcan Emergency Life Line became recognised as a huge improvement in lifesaving equipment for both the professional and amateur user, for rescuing people in difficulties in water and elsewhere. The B.E.L.L. outperforms both lifebuoys and throwbags in speed of deployment, accuracy and distance.

Since Balcan BELL’s introduction and to this date, it has remained the supreme throwing line, as confirmed by the Royal Navy when they allocated all models with NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs).

It is used extensively by the UK Police Forces and other emergency services, as well as being standard issue for the Royal Navy in ribs.

Its principle is simple – the faster and easier the person in the water can be connected to a rescuer in a place of safety, the greater the chance of a recuse being achieved.

Balcan Emergency Life Line BELL

The Balcan Emergency life Line B.E.L.L. outperforms all other traditional water rescue devices.

The Balcan Emergency Life Line is capable of being thrown up to 40 metres (dependent on model) with accuracy in a force 4 wind.  This distance clearly outperforms the traditional life buoy and throwbag which is only capable of reaching 10-15 metres and not with any accuracy.


If you are at risk of drowning more than 15 metres away from land, then a life buoy, or throwbag is probably of no use.
The Balcan life line is designed to be thrown overarm whereas a throwbag and lifebuoy are designed to be lobbed underarm.


In a resue at Niagara Falls the Balcan Emergency Life Line was used as the life line to make contact with troubled students, whose barrel had broken up.  Without the BELL the two students would have drowned.


The Balcan Emergency life Line is designed and fully manufactured in Britain by Balcan.

Balcan BELL Distances

How is the B.E.L.L. used?

To use the Balcan Emergency Life Line (B.E.L.L.), the blue cap is removed and the grip held, whilst about a metre of line is pulled out.  The capsule can then be thrown over, or under arm towards and past the victim who either grabs the capsule or the line whilst being hauled to safety.

The breaking strength of the emergency rescue line is a minimum 118kgs and dependant on model contains either 25 or 40 metres of buoyant line.

An additional option of the Balcan Emergency Life Line (BELL) is the 56cm long FLIKSTIK which can be used to hurl the capsule further than can sometimes be achieved by throwing.  It can also hurl the BELL life line over roofs and onto ledges over 10m high.

In use, one end of the FLIKSTIK is pushed firmly into the mouth of the stock of the capsule, which is then hurled off with an easy overarm flicking action from back to front.

Balcan Bell distances

B.E.L.L. Applications

Due to its size there are few reasons the B.E.L.L. should not be carried or made available when around water.  It can be used by Lifeguards and those responsible for others (such as in schools).   Used with its own webbing belt they are ideal for carrying by everyone, to ensure there is a rescue line readily available for throwing wherever an emergency occurs. 

Equally, whilst it is not recommened to enter the water to try a wading or swimming rescue, there will always be instances where this does happen.  Attaching the line to  the rescuer will provide a LIFE LINE back to shore.

The Balcan Emergency Life Line is useful for everyone responsible for others and being so compact, should be included in all emergency lifesaving kits.  In many water emergencies the B.E.L.L. will may well prove to be the best chance of achieving a rescue.  Unlike a lifebuoy, or throwbag, if you can’t reach the person, you can’t rescue them.


Ice & Mud Rescue

Sadly, each year we hear of terrible accidents involving children who play on ice, or dog owners who go in to freezing water to rescue their pet.  Whilst time is always a critical factor in any emergency, the freezing water adds to the urgency.  A Balcan Emergency Life line is ideal for skittling across ice directly to a victim, or as above, when a person decides to enter the water, providing a LIFE LINE back to shore will give a higher chance of a rescue for everyone.

In an event where a person becomes stranded in mud a B.E.L.L. can be thrown. Once direct contact has been made, it is much easier to work out a rescue strategy.


Family Use

With any outdoor activity, on or near water, a Balcan Emergency Life Line – BELL – can help ensure if an emergency occurs, the most versatile lifesaving equipment is readily available.  It can be carried in a pocket or picnic basket as easily as any sports bag.   Supplied with its own clip the Balcan Emergency life Line can be fitted into the family car or boat to be nearby if needed.


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