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Managing Your Waste Lamps

Not only are lamps required to be recycled under the WEEE Directive, but they also contain the hazardous element mercury, meaning they can’t just be thrown out or mixed with other waste streams.

Whilst the levels of mercury continue to drop and will start being banned in lamps from February 2024, there will still be many more years where lamps containing mercury will come through the waste and recycling stream. For this reason it is vital that lamps are handled and stored correctly.

Why choose Balcan Lamp Recycling?

At over 50 years old, Balcan is the originator of lamp disposal and is the only company, who not only recycles lamps, but also designs and manufactures the equipment for all aspects of waste lamp management.

As the UK’s largest lamp recycler, Balcan designed and developed their own lamp recycling system which has been sold throughout the world for over 12 years. The system is also world renowned for being the best lamp recycler, producing the cleanest fractions from the recycling process and is the system of choice in many countries.

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Balcan lamp recycling service reduces your environmental & carbon footprint

Balcan and its equipment and service has always benefitted the environment.

  • Up to five times more debris can be loaded into a vehicle.
  • Uses more efficient. smaller vehicles, which use less fuel and have a low carbon footprint.
  • It is generally recognised and agreed that waste lamps can break at anytime. They should be stored in safe, lockable containers to prevent uncontrolled mercury emissions and contamination of the surrounding area should they break. Volume reduction at site overcomes over 99% contamination caused by whole lamp transport.
  • Energy supplied to the Balcan facility comes from a supplier who has green certificates showing electricity has been generated from renewable sources, which is beneficial to the environment and economy. Moving towards reducing their carbon footprint, in Q3/2023 Balcan will be installing a scalable solar panel system to reduce its dependency on its supplier. This solar system will produce 60% of its energy initially and will be increased in size over the next few years so most of its electricity requirements will come from the sun.
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Balcan Equipment

For those wanting to know more about, or look to invest in the equipment used for recycling their lamps, we have a site specifically for Balcan lamp recycling systems. Please click here to go to where you will find information about:

Step 1

Balcan lamp crusher for the controlled volume reduction, including and mercury vapour removal, of waste lamps prior to transport. Designed from a true waste management perspective, this heavy duty crusher forms the front end of some Balcan MP lamp recycling systems. Lamps can be loaded in handfuls and cost of ownership can be 2-3 times less than the cheap, single lamp loaded drum top crushers often sold.

Lamp Crusher Diagram Step 1

Step 2

All lamps processed through the MP8000 Balcan lamp recycler, which is capable of processing 5000 linear tubes per hour.  Dependant on volumes of lamps requiring recycling, Balcan can advise the most suitable system if you are looking to upgrade, or want to start a lamp recycling business.  All our systems handle virtually all types of lamps, including LED.

Lamp Crusher Diagram Step 2

Step 3

The LED1000 lamp recycler. Specifically designed for recycling LEDs, yet also allows companies to post process the outputs from any other lamp recycler to boost recycling rates to over 93%.

Please visit: for more information.

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