Balcan Lamp & LED Recycling Service

National coverage with safe, regular. reliable and efficient service.
Lamp Recycling Services

Our Lamp & LED Recycling Service

  • National coverage with safe, regular, reliable and efficient service.
  • LED and Light Bulb recycling for all types, shapes and sizes
  • You will NOT be tied into a contract. We will only empty containers when you decide and you won’t be charged for unnecessary visits.
  • Options for the supply of safe, specially designed on-site lamp storage containers.
  • An ISO9001: 2015 registered company
  • Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes issued for every job to ensure 100% traceability of your waste.
  • When using Balcan directly all powder is sent fro retort to recliam the mercury.¬† Not all complaince schemes require this and some require it be sent to landfill.

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Balcan Lamp Recycling MP 8000

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Balcan Lamp & LED Recycling Service

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Balcan Licences

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