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As the UK’s largest lamp recycler, Balcan uses their MP8000 lamp recycling system, capable of recycling 5000 fluorescent tubes an hour.
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Balcan Lamp Storage Options

We offer the widest range of waste fluorescent tube and mercury bulb storage containers available. Using the Balcan Lamp Storage containers gives the best change to achieve 100% lamp recycling. 

Depending on the volumes of lamps, types, frequency of collections required the options for waste lamp storage are:


Manufactured of extruded polythene with a smooth internal liner.

  • Plugged at one end, with a firm, push fit, labelled yellow cover at the other.
  • 300mm internal diameter and supplied in 8ft, 6ft, 4ft and 3ft lengths.
  • Each tube will hold 100 slimline lamps or their equivalent.

Far superior to the thin corrugated plastic boxes which need replacing after 2-3 uses.

Better for the environment

Our LAMPTUBES are far better for the environment as they have a lifespan of many years, after which they can be ground down & recycled back into LAMPTUBES.


  • Companies who generate only small quantities of waste lamps.
  • Companies where storage space is at a premium. Our containers are compact and can be easily exchanged as often as necessary.
  • Electrical contractors who require safe, temporary storage
    wherever they are working.


Rolling Option

Call Balcan for a quotation. Once the correct solution for your specific needs is agreed, we will dispatch the required LAMPTUBES. When full, call us and we will arrange their exchange and recycle the contents. Remember, a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note will be issued.

Purchase Option

Purchase tubes.  Once filled, if necessary take them to a central point.  Balcan will visit the site and crush the contents leaving you with empty tubes available for refilling.  The cost of the disposal varies depending upon the quantity of lamps. Alternatively, we can just exchange the tubes if you prefer..


LampBanks are a convenient and easy way to store larger volumes of waste lamps, providing a clearly labelled designated storage area.

All units are fabricated of powder coated steel.

  • LampBanks are lockable to secure their contents against damage or vandalism.
  • A hinged lid with gas struts allows for easy access.
  • Vents at each end ensure there is not build up of hazardous mercury vapours when broken lamps are placed inside.
  • LampBanks come with built in runners (for forklift movement).
  • Robust construction allows them to be sited outside.


6’ Lockable LampBank

For the equivalent of 1000 x 6ft slimline tubes. Dimensions: 193 x 75 x 50cms.

8’ Lockable LampBank

For the equivalent of 1000 x 8ft slimline tubes. Dimensions: 245 x 75 x 50cms.

6’ MEGA Lockable LampBank

For the equivalent of 2000 x 6ft slimline tubes. Dimensions: 193 x 110 x 80cms.

8’ MEGA Lockable Lampbank

For the equivalent of 2000 x 8ft slimline tubes. Dimensions: 245 x 110 x 80cms.

MEGA Lockable LampBank

For up to 3000 x 8ft tubes. Dimensions: 245 x 120 x 120cms. (Folklift will be required for offloading)

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