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Since the 80’s Balcan has been supplying it’s vial crushers throughout the world to help improve disposal solutions.

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About Balcan Bottle & Vial Crushers

Since the 80’s, Balcan has been developing a range of vial crushers specifically designed for their purpose. In designing these machines, Balcan took into account the problems associated by the varieties of the liquid contents and the risks which can so easily occur with excessive aerosols being generated at fast operating speeds.

Vial Crusher disposal solutions worldwide

When disposing of vials, waste liquids can often cause problems due to the volume they fill in waste containers. Not only that, but certain liquid contents (e.g., radioactive, toxic or volatile liquids) may require waste to be disposed of more expensively. Needless expenses are also incurred because often the amount of liquid in the container is much less than its actual capacity.

Moreover, there are many health and safety risks associated with manual emptying of vials. Often their liquid contents are so hazardous they cause headaches, sickness, and potentially serious long-term health complications. You only have to read the labels on the bottles!

In a world where health and safety is always at the forefront, using a Balcan Vial Crusher overcomes many of the risks associated with manual emptying.

Balcan has always favoured manually or pneumatically operated systems. This, together with fabrication throughout in stainless steel, reduces risks of sparks and other hazards associated with electric operation.

Our crushing mechanisms and their methods of operation are designed to actively reduce aerosol generation and prevent clogging by various metal, plastic, or rubber closures on containers.

Furthermore, we listened to what high volume producers need and now incorporate a high capacity unit in our range, supplied with spark proof motors. Click here for more information about our VC8000 Vial Crusher.

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Vial Crusher Benefits

The disposal of used vials presents numerous problems. Emptying vials by hand is unpleasant and disposal of drums of full used vials is expensive!

Some laboratories recognise this fact and spend valuable time having containers emptied manually in the belief that overall they are achieving economies! In fact, retrieving liquids from vials and emptying by hand is tedious, unproductive, labor intensive and presents plenty of health & safety risks, especially when handling volatile, toxic and radioactive materials

Balcan Vial Crushers allow vial disposal to be improved and made safer.

Emptying vials with a Balcan vial crusher gives immediate saving in time and the cost of disposal. Vials are broken and opened more quickly and the liquid contents easily drained from the debris and collected.

Typically vials are reduced to 25% of their original volume to give the 75% space saving.


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Health and Safety

In a world where health and safety is always at the forefront using a Balcan Vial Crusher overcomes many of the risks associated with manual emptying.






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