Mk2P Pneumatic Vial Crusher

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Mk2P Pneumatic Vial Crusher

As with the Balcan Mk2M manual vial crusher, the Mk2 pneumatic version is made of stainless steel and operates using the same principle of an eccentrically mounted roller with adjustable breaking chamber. This principle ensures that once set up for the particular size of vial, nothing will pass through unbroken.

Once crushed, liquids drain under the glass and out the front where they can be collected in a suitable container. The unit can also be mounted on its own cart for maximum portability. The cabinet below can hold a drum to receive the liquid draining from a tube attached to the front of the draw.

Balcan Mk2P Pneumatic Vial Crusher mounted

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Pneumatic Vial Crusher stainless steel trolley version


The unit requires a suitable dry compressed air supply and operates at 70-80 psi and being pneumatically operated means there is no risk of sparks from electric motors.  For safety the lid and debris bin on the Mk2P are linked to safety switches, which prevents it from being operated if one or other is not correctly in place.

As with all our vial crushers it reduces the volume of waste to approximately 20% of its original volume. Reducing by 80% also allows for maximum drainage of liquids from the debris, as pulverised glass acts like sand and can form a wet sludge.



30 x 62 x 90cm high
Weight: 55Kg
Compressed air requirements: 80 psi 8cfm

Balcan Mk2P Pneumatic Vial Crusher Stainless Steel Trolley
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