Mk4P Pneumatic Vial Crusher

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Mk4P Pneumatic Vial Crusher

A larger version of our Mark 2, this crusher is pneumatically operated.  Depending upon the size of container, from 2 – 100 ml sizes, it can have a capacity to crush up to approximately 40,000 per hour, the average being 20,000 per hour!

The Mark4P (pneumatic) model has been designed to cope with the continuous production of much larger numbers of waste containers found within the pharmaceutical and research and development industries. Originally designed to handle normal thin walled glass vials, it has was considerably strengthened, to be able to cope with much thicker walled containers up to small bottles of 100ml capacity, as used in this industry.

Very versatile this model is made to very tight tolerances and is fitted with a more easily adjustable mechanism for the breaking chamber.  This ensures that even the smallest diameter of vials (10mm) cannot pass through unbroken.

This adjustment allows the crusher to cope with a much wider range of sizes at any one setting without becoming clogged than would otherwise be the case. Debris, together with liquid, discharges into the drawer underneath from where a spout allows liquids to be drained off for separate disposal.

A water spray can be added to assist the flow of viscous liquids and to rinse the debris.  An extractor system is also available to allow the machine to be operated at negative pressure and to ventilate fumes away.

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